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Current Endeavors

— doing things i love —


Personal Blog

Life reflections, resource guides (NLP/ML, Illustrator), and other articles. Publications include TowardsDataScience, Bootcamp, Illumination, & students x students.


Political Magazine

Contributing to UC Berkeley's premier, nonpartisan political mag. Researching & analyzing the latest tech trends within the context of U.S. politics.


Video Channel

Creating North American Computational Linguistic Open Competition (NACLO) tutorials, flute/piano covers, and other miscellaneous videos for fun.

Past Projects

high school - early college: aug 2019 - dec 2023


High School Newspaper

Select Coverage: Rise in AAPI hate during the pandemic, the bay area journalism industry, history of SHS principals, & inflation's effects on the elderly.


Nonprofit Organization

Managed the collecting, refurbishing & donating of old computers in nationwide effort. Hosted community STEM Career Talks with 300+ total attendees.


Cultural Exchange Club

Hosted international discussion events & connected 30+ English tutors at Saratoga HS with students in China, Japan, India, Palestine, Jordan, and France. 


HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Website built from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript after taking UC Berkeley's Web Design DeCal. Created to thank the influential teachers in my youth.


Historical Research Paper

CA Finalist Paper (5th place) covering how Freedom's Journal elevated African American voices in the slavery debate. Born & bred out of my APUSH classroom.

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