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Personal Blog

Select Articles: NLP/ML resource guide for high schoolers, Adobe Illustrator tutorials, and life reflections. Publications include TowardsDataScience, Bootcamp, Illumination, & students x students.


High School Newspaper

Select Coverage: Rise in AAPI hate during the pandemic, the bay area journalism industry, history of SHS principals, Saratoga Retirement Community construction proposals, & inflation's effects on the elderly.


Historical Research Paper

CA Finalist Paper (5th place) covering how Freedom's Journal, the first Black newspaper, elevated African American voices in the slavery debate. Born & bred out of my APUSH classroom.


Nonprofit Organization

Managed the collecting, refurbishing & donating of old computers in nationwide effort. Hosted community STEM Career Talks with 300+ total attendees.


Cultural Exchange Club

Hosted international discussion events & connected 30+ English tutors at Saratoga HS with students in China, Japan, India, Palestine, Jordan, and France. 


Video Channel

Created North American Computational Linguistic Open Competition (NACLO) tutorials, flute/piano covers, and random goofing-off videos.

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